Bicycle Use Terms & Conditions

Bicycles available from art’otel London Hoxton

These Terms & Conditions apply to anyone who uses (a “User”) one of the bicycles available from art’otel London Hoxton (the “Hotel”).

Return of the bicycle and equipment

The bicycle and equipment must be returned in a satisfactory condition.

Loss or damage is the User’s responsibility.

Replacement costs for any loss or damage will be charged to the payment card used to secure release of the bicycle.

Security and Safety

User must understand that they are responsible for all equipment relating to this agreement.  This means that a User should take care to lock the bicycle to a fixed object through the frame using the lock provided.  The bicycle is left unattended at the User’s risk.

Cycling is not risk free but, with careful use of the equipment, injury to Users and third parties can be avoided.

We highly recommend Users make use of the free bicycle helmets we offer.

The User will not use the bicycle under the influence of drink or drugs of any sort.

Cycling Manner

Users must not cycle in a discourteous or unsafe manner.

On shared walkways and towpaths pedestrians have priority at all times.

All bicycles are fitted with bells. Please use them considerately to alert pedestrians.

Personal Health

Users must be able to declare that they are in good health and that their eyesight is up to a good standard, and that they are not suffering from any medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect their normal control of the bicycle.


Users must fully indemnify the Hotel and its affiliates against claims of injury or property damage to themselves or any third party.