Ferhan Khan (they/he/them/him)

I’m Ferhan, which apparently is Arabic for ‘Happy’. I discovered this while living in the Middle East. I find it funny that my Muslim parents named me ‘Happy’ when another word for ‘Happy’ is ‘Gay’. My dad is of Afghan heritage and my mum is of Panjabi heritage, but I’m Scottish. I was born and raised in Glasgow but now live in London. I would describe my gender identity as ‘non binary male’ and my sexuality as gay. I have a boyfriend now and he’s Guyanese with a Ghanaian dad. I love diversity!


Amit Chadda (he/him)

Amit is a singer songwriter and performer from south London. Through his songs, he shares his journey of self-discovery and identity as a queer, British Indian and tells stories of love, loss and hope.


Theodor (Ted) Brown (he/him)

Sophie (she/they)

Ai (they/them)

I love being mixed race Chinese Malaysian and I am proud to be bringing some visibility to the queer South East Asian community. 

Marz (She/her)

I’m queer and I’m a Muslim. I’ve struggled a lot with identity. For a very long time, I believed that I could only be either a Muslim or a queer person and I thought I had to choose just one. Queer communities and religious communities have hated each other for so long that I didn’t think there was a place in this world for somebody like me and trying to make that choice broke me in a lot of ways. I spent years pushing religion out of my life and it took me a long time to realise that Islam is an integral part of my identity and that I can reconcile both my queerness and my religion. I believe that faith is subjective and accepting that part of my identity lead me on a journey of discovery. I learnt a lot about Sufism (Islamic Mysticism) and I discovered a religion that was so very different to what I was taught as a child, one that is full of love and light and beauty. I started to recognise those qualities within myself and my queerness, and I’m very happy to say that I’m now on a path of healing. For the first time in my life, I’m proud of being queer and I’m proud of being a Muslim. I am a queer Muslim. That is my identity and nobody can ever take that from me. 


Muchemi Elva Wanyeki

Talking about my identity has always been a weird subject. Growing up queer in a multicultural family, I have struggled to know where I feel most comfortable. But with time, I question myself less about where I belong and simply try to exist in the present moment and enjoy what life has to offer.


Jawadat Bashorun (she/her)

Unapologetically Queer.  

Finding my identity was a journey fraught with challenges. Growing up in Nigeria, I never realised I needed to carve out my own identity. I was content being whatever my parents wanted me to be, believing that was enough. My perspective began to shift when I moved to India to pursue a nursing degree. It was there that I first felt the need to understand and embrace my true self, a realisation that did not come easily. I was ashamed of my desires, labelling them as sins. How could I ever accept this part of myself? The real transformation began when I moved to the UK. The years of mental health struggles and self-doubt pushed me to confront my inner demons. I fought against the shame and cultural taboos surrounding my queer identity. I decided to abandon the expectations placed upon me and the future my family envisioned, choosing instead to embrace my true self. Today, I stand unapologetically Queer AF. My identity often clashes with traditional views, with some dismissing it as a Western influence. But if my existence is considered a sin, I love this sin. If it’s seen as a curse, then I welcome this curse with open arms. This so-called curse has become my source of strength and happiness, especially when I am with my beautiful girlfriend. This identity is my sanctuary, and I choose to embrace it forever. I founded a community to support people like me and to create visibility and awareness around being African and Queer, I also work with an organisation supporting LGBTQI+ in cancer care and I’m a photographer and through my art, I express this journey of self-discovery and acceptance, celebrating the power and beauty of living authentically.


Ryann Villanueva (he/she/they)

I would say to little Ryann to come out earlier coz your family will accept you no matter what and it gets easier. Just be you!!!



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